iARoC 2016: Destination Mars
June 25-26, 2016

It is the future...

The first manned mission to Mars is underway, and you have work to do. You and your team of NASA roboticists have been given the job of designing, building, programming, and running a robot to claim a crater for your Martian colony…

Your team needs to claim a crater before the other teams claim all of the available craters. To make things fair for everybody, an international agreement has been reached that requires each team to use its own autonomous robot to attempt to claim a crater. Your robot must perform a series of missions before claiming a crater. You will earn points for each mission you complete, and the 3 teams that earn the most points will win!
First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize



The 9th annual Autonomous Robot Competition (iAROC) is a friendly competition that will be held at Central Library in San Diego. This event is sponsored and organized by the The League of Amazing Programmers, a non-profit, public benefit, 501 (c)(3) institution based in San Diego.

The primary objective of this competition is to inspire the next generation of technical leaders through fun and exciting activities under mentorship of software professionals.

This is a great opportunity to make friends while showing off what you can accomplish. The games have a range of difficulties, so there is a game for everyone’s skill level. Teams get to know each other during RoboCamp (a week-long camp that takes place the week before the competition). Teams support and cheer each other on during the competition.

Programming students across the country are encouraged to form a team!

iAROC Week
Schedule of Events:
  • RoboCamp | Optional, but strongly encouraged!

    Monday, June 20th – Friday, June 24th @BD Biosciences in Carmel Valley

    RoboCamp will be held for the entire week prior to the competition. It is held for several hours a day. Expert technical assistance will be available for teams while they make final adjustments to their robots and the software. RoboCamp is not mandatory, but teams are strongly encouraged to attend. Come have great time with fellow participants and mentors, at no extra cost!

    *Because of space limitations, RoboCamp is for registered iAROC teams only. It is not open to the general public.

  • Welcome Session + Setup | Mandatory

    Saturday, June 25th @ Central Library

    Teams will be officially welcomed at the competition venue. We will have a keynote speaker and everyone will be briefed on the challenges. Teams will then have time to set up and perform as many trial runs as they can with their robots. This is mandatory and you won’t want to miss it!

  • Technical Presentation + Challenges | Mandatory

    Sunday, June 26th @ Central Library

    All teams will give technical presentations to the judges. Check out the competition rules for what needs to be included in your presentation. Points from the presentation are part of your final score. After presenting, teams will compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Get Involved

iAROC can't happen without you. We welcome anyone who wants to get involved!
Form a team

iAROC is a friendly competition, and it’s a great way to make new friends and show off what you can do. Get your friends together and form a team! All ages are welcome.

Be a Mentor

Make a lasting impact on a student’s future! Support a team of middle or high school students by offering your expertise and helping them troubleshoot. Mentors come from a variety of professions – engineering, science, technology, computer programming, etc.


Help make things happen during competition weekend. We are actively seeking volunteers to help with everything from keeping score to photographing the event.


iAROC can’t happen without support from sponsors. We appreciate monetary donations of any amount, as well as in-kind support.

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