iARoC 2017 – Overview

All LEAGUE students are invited to participate in our 10th Annual Robotics Competition – iARoC 2017 – which is taking place on June 24 & 25, at the E3 Civic High School, 395 11th Ave, San Diego.

Whether or not they are able to attend the actual competition, all students in Levels 0 and 1 will learn the fundamentals of Java-based robot programming as part of their regularly scheduled Java programming classes at The LEAGUE during the weeks leading up to the competition (April through June). Students in all other LEAGUE levels are also encouraged to join in the fun, as team mentors and/or competition volunteers.

This year’s theme: Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars
Driverless cars need to be able to autonomously take people to their destinations as quickly as possible, so the competition missions are:

  •     Mission 1:     “Take Me There As Fast As You Can”

    This is the speed event. The fastest robots win the most points, but be careful not to bump into the walls.

  •     Mission 2:     “Get Me To My Destination”

    Navigating through all the twists and turns of a complex neighborhood can be like solving a maze. The most efficient robots solving the maze win the most points.

  •     Mission 3:     “Black Friday Sale”

    When there is a sale on at your favorite store, the first customer through the doors get a special deal. All robots try to get there before the others.

  •     Mission 4:     “How Did You Do That?”

    Each team will give a technical presentation to communicate their strategy for each challenge.

Event details are subject to change.