To register for iARoC:

  1. Fill out the iARoC Entry Form.
  2. Mail the completed entry form with team entry fee of $500 to The League of Amazing Programmers, Post Office Box 910471, San Diego, CA 92191-0471.

Please familiarize yourself with the competition rules and missions before you get started!

We encourage you to form a team with your peers!

TEAM CAPTAIN | Each team will be required to elect a team captain. This individual will be responsible for all communication with the iARoC organization.

TEAM MENTOR | Each team may elect to have a mentor. Mentors are experienced programmers who help teams with technical and coordination issues. However, all tasks must be performed by a member of the team.

RESPONSIBLE ADULT | Teams without a member above the age of 18 will need a responsible adult to help cover the registration fee, and the cost of the robot and interface boards. Registration is $500 per team and scholarships are available!

Registration Deadline

The last day for registration is May 1, 2017. Late registrations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be charged a late registration fee.

The cost for registration for a team is $500, non-refundable. Scholarships are available (see “Scholarships” below)! Any individual or group can enter more than one robot, but a registration fee must accompany each team entry. The same physical robot cannot be entered twice. A team can have copies of the same robot to use as a backup or spare parts or relay running. For first time entrants, discounts are available for iRobot Roomba Creates and Sun Microsystems¬†SPOT controllers.


An entry is defined as a team captain and a robot entered into a division. There are no restrictions as to who can enter a robot. A single team with a single robot is considered as a single entry. There is no limit on team size. There will be a maximum of 20 entries allowed, as this is the maximum number of entries we can accommodate with the amount of space available at the competition venue.


Scholarships are available and requests for scholarships will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with financial need being the primary focus.